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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  February 21, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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>> >>. anthony: going off in front of reporters after carolina's crushing win over miami. blasted an noovlt over his future with the tar heels and his requirement. here's more on why he called those remarks simple. caitlin: straight ahead on occupy wall street, a look at the devastation behind after the most powerful storm that hit fiji. anthony: and why the fbi task force is being called in to investigate. keeping an eye on the alerts. steve: a lot of fog and the clouds have been coming back in
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maybe a shower. steve: 51 degrees, a light breeze, there is a 50 at rdu and fayetteville. had a little clearing overnight and allowed us to cool down to our dew point. as you step out the door, you might have some fog. temperatures climbing up. close to lunch time at 11:00 or 12:00, we should be at the low and maybe even mid-60s by that time, so temperatures warming very quickly.
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west, and i can't rule out out a shower later on too. temperatures near 70s, and we cool things down and wednesday back up again. roller coaster temperatures over the next couple of days. had a great time with these second graders. these kids were so smart. i jumped in the picture. we talked about some pretty interesting topics. meantime, if you're traveling out of rdu, much more coming up in a new minutes. caitlin: hundreds of home and three people dead after a powerful cyclone tore through fiji. speeds up to 177 miles per hour. officials say they're still assessing all the damage. a curfew has been extended and police have been empowered to make arrests without ensuring
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anthony: this is a story reported as breaking news yesterday morning that started friday night when authorities responded to a domestic disturbance called. they found his wife and 10-year-old daughter inside their home. swat teams tried to get inside. he was a 20-year veteran. his wife and daughter were both rescued and are doing okay. caitlin: new this morning, fbi terrorist experts are investigating the shooting of two nypd officers. jamal fumes rammed his car into a police cruiser. officer andrew merkew was hit in the head. the suspect was shot and listed
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anthony: an emotional last call from the captain of a sinking ship. find out why his final words was laid out by the coast guard. caitlin: and hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance.
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caitlin: welcome back. new this morning, a u.s. air force drone comes crashing down in afghanistan. there were no casualties and
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the mq 9 went down, the largest space in afghanistan. it's being renovated for mixed military and civilian use. >> the clock is ticking. caitlin: those are the haunting words used by the doomed captain in his final call for help. the ship was taking on water and lost propulsion during the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. all 33 members on board died. the coast guard will decide what contributed to the accident and it will be up to lawmakers to file criminal charges. anthony: protests are planned outside apple stores in more than 30 cities.
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for the future, protesting developing a software to be used to find out more about the san bernardino shooters. and several are competing for a game show in april. each contestant had to pass an online test to audition, and alex trebeck himself questioned him. then they put the test in front of the crew hoping to make the final round. >> i was hoping like mom refresh your e-mail every day until we got the e-mail and i was pretty happy. >> it's pretty exciting. with everything online and the statistics of the amount of people getting there, apparently, the odds are less than harvard. anthony: raleigh is one of six
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look who stopped by to test their smarts, evening anchors heather waliga and joel brown. caitlin: looks like they're facing off with one of the students there. based on some of the bright talent we have in the area, i don't know we would want to face off against high schoolers there, because we have some smart kids that would put them to shame. anthony: no pressure. caitlin: i know. anthony: the light didn't go off. steve: had a good time yesterday. i played some basketball in my neighborhood. caitlin: you showed us the community center. steve: i think his name was darren, and we had a great time. new things in your community. anthony: who won? steve: i barely one. he came back. caitlin: i love that, very fun.
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yesterday was warm in the mid-60s. today, we could touch 70 for a time. regardless, active weather day still looks to be tuesday and wednesday. we're going to have a deep trough coming in and look at all the deep moisture moving over us. monday night, half of the day on tuesday, timing is still a question, late monday, all the way through wednesday, you can see where the upper level low is, and it can bring us more rain. the snow line stays well to the north, by the way. it accident loo -- it looks like we could see more active weather. 3/4 inch to an inch and-a-half, so the potential is there for quite a bit of rain coming away today. a nice warm one, temperatures
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coming in. wednesday shgs later monday, and cooler, temperatures falling especially by the end of the week. we'll have numbers coming all the way back do you know to the 40s for high. tomorrow, we'll cool down, and look at the warmth and surge as the jet stream buckles, a little more air wednesday and boom, cooler temperatures as we end our work webbing with. rdu, you're seeing the fog out there, 51 degrees, light breeze around 5, some of the visibility down to a quarter mile or less. a 41 in san ford this morning, if you're in the cool spot with smithfield. canes in action later on, they're heading out there with the lightning. that was the wrong graphic. satellite showing the clouds
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i think the heavier cloud cover will be later on northerning. i think we have fog right now. we'll watch the will showers coming into play. a few showers late afternoon into the evening hours, and as we go into our monday, the front is going to be to the south. should hold off on rain close at this time day and late in the day in the evening hours, we're going to get rain in here at least the first half of the day through tuesday, then we'll have to watch the second area of low pressure. unsettled, you bet, over the next few days and temperatures down to a 62 wednesday and a 48 friday. that's a roller coaster. caitlin: it really is. be prepared for anything. anthony: thank you, steve. 50 degrees at 6:21.
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news, we'll take you on a homes. anthony: and don't forget
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share your favorite. anthony: for the first time in almost 100 years, an historic house in raleigh has a new address.
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the charleston house this weekend. caitlin: the land around harrington is slated for redevelopment. jeremy baker walks us through the incredible journey of the entire house from point a to point b. >> it's just amazing to see something like this. >> something that probably comes along once in a lifetime. i've never seen anything like this. >> i've never seen anything like this in my life. you get a moving van. >> i love this thing. it's real, but it's reality. >> like a little remote like a little kid that ran an electric carat christmas, he's doing it now. >> it looks like they're raising it, lowering it a little bit.
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adjusting the level of it. you can see all the hydraulics there. >> they're taking out all the street lights. >> all the streets. that's a good thing. >> he's usually a jokester, so we didn't know if he was being honest or not so we're out here seeing what was going on. >> so you had to come out. >> i had to come out and see it, whys. >> but it's pretty cool to see it in raleigh. anthony: awesome words by everyone. caitlin: excellent visually told story but very cool. it's 6:kalamazoo, michigan. caitlin: what police are saying about any of the victims. anthony: a frightening fall for
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>> the big stories happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. caitlin: we are following breaking news this morning. a shooting rampage leaving seven people dead in kalamazoo, michigan. the suspect in custody. anthony: and the big story around here, waking up to dense fog. we noticed that on the drive-in.
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february 21st, i'm anthony wilson, and i'm caitlin knute. please take your time. there were patches more than others. steve: just a little bit more wide spread across the area. temperatures in the 40s near 50 degrees, a mild starlight, in the 30s, visibility from smithfield to oxford, getting down there to close to a mile in instances, so visibility not that great. we cleared out, a lot of radiational cooling and temperatures falling off to reach that dew point. anyway, temperatures will climb. a model has us up in the upper 60s, and we could spike in the afternoon and evening hours, we could see a shower.
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the next few days and an up in a cracker barrel parking lot. another woman was seriously injured. authorities do not believe there is a connection between the victims. caitlin: it's a second-stage victory for donald trump in the south carolina primary. marco rubio and donald trump edged out ted cruz for supporters. trump thanked his reporters. >> let's have a big win in nevada.
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let's put this away. anthony: hillary clinton had a win in the democratic presidential caucuses overcoming bernie sanders. >> i am so thrilled and grateful to all my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. anthony: his campaign is focused on super tuesday. caitlin: charmings against a driver accused of plowing into four cycle lifts in johnston county. their bikes left a mangled mess in the road. >> their bikes were found mangled on a johnston county crowd. a tire popped off this bike.
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christopher grahim are all injured. he was once the president of a prominent national bike club. the accident has shocked many in the community. >> i'm worried about my friends, and how they are, and how badly they're injured. anthony: highway patrol says he was injured by this person. the entire right side of her windshield was smashed in. william tells me when she saw the cyclists, there was another car coming in the opposite direction and there wasn't enough time to move. >> why didn't she wait? can didn't she slow down? why did she pass when it wasn't safe. the two seconds she would have saved passing them absolutely was not worth it. caitlin: again, charging are pending against williams.
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speed were not a factor. anthony: in durham, a driver jumps out just in time. this happened behind the temple baptist church yesterday afternoon. 6:34, when it comes to shootings and violence in durham county, the sheriff says he has enough. caitlin: he mentions two recent investigations, including the drive-by shooting. he writes, as i sat next to her hospital bed and held her hand, i was haunted by the question of why. he goes on to say the senseless acts of violence must stop and only a united front can make a difference. anthony: and a woman who helped save a 29-year-old man's life after he fell down an icy stair case in the middle of the night. it happened early tuesday morning blocks away from nc state's campus.
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condition this morning. that man was found in the backyard apparently after a fall. it's not clear how it happened or why. we know the victim is a 29-year-old man taken to wake med early this morning for treatments. there is a possibility the incident was weather related. he had serious injuries. there's a wooden stair case with two landings in the back of the building in the area in the yard where ems took him to the hospital. there are reports not confirmed by police that the steps were coated with ice. a woman named on the i didn't want is the person who contacted police and gave this same address as their home. the man who answered the door did not want to talk about what
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we will hear from the woman who got to this man just in time because she had cpr training. that story is very gripping. caitlin: thank goodness she was there. we'll tell you about the funeral for the famous author harper lee. anthony: and a famous country superstar bringing down the house in fayetteville. when you leave the house, what kind of weather do we have. steve: foggy in places. temperatures in the mild 40s and 50s. we cleared out overnight and but
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anthony: welcome back, everybody. steve: good morning to you. a live look at durham, hard to see anything with that fog. 48 degrees, light breeze at 3 miles an hour. temperatures across the area in the 40s. we range from 43, even to 41 there in smithfield to 52 in southern pines. temperatures quite a range in a short distance. there you go. 39, updated in sanford, 48 in goldsboro, roxboro, 43. depending on where you live, could have some dense fog out there. temperatures warming quickly. the fog evaporates and i think as we get into the lunch time hour, temperatures in the low 60s. the clouds break overnight, fog
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from the west and showers to the north. can't rule out a shower later on today, especially late afternoon and evening. we start to cool things down tomorrow, cooler still on tuesday. we'll moderate wednesday and right back down temperatures by the end of the week. roller coaster temperatures at the end of this week. had a good time talking to the second graders in garner. what a good bunch of kids out there. they talked about some pretty imress of topics. hopefully, we learned something this week with the kids. fog at rdu but not seeing any major delays at any of the hubs. coming up in the full forecast. caitlin: country star jason aldean taking over last night. thousands watched him perform his greatest hits.
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brave runners baring nearly ail all for a special race in raleigh. it is the undie run. they ran a mile. money raised goes to benefit the children's foundation. runners are lucky it wasn't so cold. the same race in washington d.c. a week ago had temperatures in the teens. caitlin: yikes. last week, much colder so a good day i suppose for that. anthony: yes, it was. caitlin: still to come, kerbsha, the pop star in court.
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anthony: "to kill a mockingbird" author harper lee turned out to be as private as her life. a few dozen attended the service in monroe, alabama. wayne flint, when lee won the burmingham foundation award. and an effort to be released from her contract with sony music, for tw years, the poupon star has been in a legal battle
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she denies claims saying the singer is lying to destroy his reputation. kesha fans showed support for the singer in new york yesterday. caitlin: 25 people fell off a lift, several with minor injuries. good news for us, anthony, drinking coffee could cut your chance of developing a liver disease. two cups a disease could help your chance of developing alcohol related cirrhosis by 20%. coffee will never balance out all negative effects of excess alcohol but doctors say more research is needed to confirm those studies. i'm telling you, coffee is good for you. it's good for preventing all kinds of things now. anthony: it just looks delicious
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caitlin: and you're not a coffee drinker, which baffles me working this shift. steve: yeah, i took my caffeine pill. caitlin: missing out on a good cup of coffee. steve: i'm one of those people. i don't like hot liquids scombt taste of coffee. i love the smell. i make it for my wife every morning. anthony: a nice warm mug. caitlin: just to start the day. stste: let's get to it, i'll talk about active weather days we'll be looking at over the coming days. it's really tuesday and wednesday that will be the most active. with that being said, i can't rule out showers monday and monday night especially as we go to tuesday and wednesday. detailing it for you, the european model, the deep moisture and the trough and the snow line to the north, the all-liquid event. the upper level low gets its act together.
6:47 am
wednesday and again, we're in the warm sector of the storm, so an all liquid event. we could see quite a bit of rainfall and the model is up to an inch, inch and-a-half. maybe not so much during the day but by monday evening for sure. the fog out there this morning, 48 degrees, light breeze at 3 miles an hour. visibility has been knocked down to a quarter mile and some cases less than that. in other areas, southern pines, clinton, are not seeing that dense fog. 43 in siler city and southern pines at 52. the numbers are kind of all over in place. canes are in action taking on the lightning at pnc. a slight chance for showers early evening. 62 when you head back to your
6:48 am
we're not seeing the fogs taunth satellite but it's obviously out there. it's a frontal boundary to the north increasing the rain chances later on today. it's a spotty shower late in the day in the evening hours and mainly in the northern county. don't be surprised if you get caught in a shower. the front is going to be sagging through and to the south. moisture will override the front monday evening. during the day, it's cloudy and cool with that northeasterly flow. moisture overrides early monday into tuesday. and then we'll see another developing low bang back here. this one staying to the west. comprehends going back up on wednesday. the cold air comes usher nothing behind it and temperatures coming back down.
6:49 am
no weather headaches at all by the way for the daytona 500 later on today. numbers in the 70s in florida, should be just fine. tonight, another mild one, temperatures near 50 for a low, mostly cloudy, slight chance at an evening shower, and remember it, keep that chance late in the day, especially the evening on monday. tuesday cooler with rain likely, more rain around on wednesday
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>> with first place on the line, north carolina responded in it a big way. the tar heels gagged away a one-lead away from their stunning loss a week ago. yesterday, they took it back. bryce johnson didn't get enough shots down the stretch wednesday. johnson picked up where he left off, 16 points and 15 rebounds with another double-double. justin jackson puts carolina up by 12. six unc players in double figures. unc is up 43-32 at the half. they didn't give it up this time around.
6:53 am
turning the ball over the second half, joel barry and company taking advantage. jackson, three of his 15 points. unc doesn't shoot many threes, but they hit six in the second half alone. kennedy mix with a nice defense that leads to a run-out dunk. heels by as many as 38 in the second half and they crush miami to take over first place in the acc. before the game, cbs analyst gus gotlieb said he would retire and davis would take over at the end of the season. he cited health as the reason why. he was dealing with vertigo and came off the duke game where he was accused of not managing the game very well. he came back to comment. >> it's simple. you have no freaking idea what
6:54 am
if you said he couldn't put his pants on the right way. shorts on backwards, shorts on backwards. >> all right. coach mike cshisefski. 29 points. a horse leg shot there. matt jones department didn't like this. duke had a lead in the second half and allen and johnson fighting for the loose ball. johnson getting aggressive and clocking allen in the chops, getting a technical foul for that. duke seemingly having things go their way and also running out of gas. damien lee, who is super clutch with the cardinals down the
6:55 am
24 points. coach k got teed up as well. so did allen for some colorful language. louisville gets the win 71-64. cat barber going bananas hasn't translated into wins for nc state. will end up losing. barber didn't crack double digits yesterday and considers it a good thing. caleb martin jump-starts the offense. 16 points off the bench. barber missing. down by one at the half, and the offensive rebound thing, b.j. onia cleaning up the mix. there is abu, the garbage man.
6:56 am
he was feasting off the rim. looked like the polaroid down the stretch. no need for an offensive rebound there, but jared bloszingame hit it down the stretch. and they hold on for the three-point win. nc central made half their attempts. got 18 points from dante holmes and have won three of the four and take off. big women's basketball game as north carolina and nc state get together on the hard wood. have a great saturday. anthony: the recently announced james beard nominations. caitlin: they are considered the
6:57 am
popular raleigh chef in the running. scott crawfords at stanford foods in raleigh, steve devereaux, and carrie in durham and aaron vandemark in pillsboro. anthony: yummy. caitlin: i haven't been there. anthony: 6:57. a deadly a
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6:59 am
anthony: and a car crashes into >> see what's happening this instant, abc 11 eyewitness news at 7:00 starts right now. >> we have multiple people dead.
7:00 am
is we have somebody just driving around, finding people and shooting them dead in their tracks. caitlin: breaking news up first this morning, a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. i'm caitlin knute. anthony: and i'm anthony wilson. a series of random shootings, including a 14-year-old girl. the terrifying rampage lasted more than six hours. the first shots were fired around 6:00 p.m. in an apartment complex. about four hours later, a father dealership. and then a cracker barrel. authorities say the man did not resist when approached by officers and weapons were found in his vehicle. authorities do not believe there's a connection with the victims. caitlin: just awful. a deadly shooting in our neck of


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